I'm in my mid-eighties and have occasional trouble with sciatica.  Dr. Jack Langston has been great adjusting me to relieve the sciatic pain.

    – W.B.

    I go to Langston Chiropractic because of the fast and courteous service. There is a warmth and friendliness that is noticeable as soon as you walk in the door. Dr. Sherri and Dr. Jack set the example and mood in the office with a family atmosphere every day. They are always ready to help and display great knowledge in the office, which is valuable at busy times. Dr. Sherri and Dr. Jack strive to and maintain the highest current level of chiropractic care that is available. I would drive across the country for the treatment at their office because you get the ‘personal touch.’ This is an intangible benefit you WILL NOT find just anywhere.

    – M.C.

    Dr. Jack is an amazing chiropractor! His adjustments are so smooth and effective! After just a couple of adjustments, I felt brand-new. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

    – W.T.

    I am a professional fisherman and many years ago, I was in Florence to fish a tournament on Pickwick Lake. My back was so bad I had little chance of even starting the event. I found Jack and he immediately took care of me. He even went so far as to take care of me after hours he knew I need all of the daylight hours on the water. Great work and fully able to do all I needed to do (except finding fish). By the time the tournament was over, all my back problems were gone. Thanks so much, my friend.

    – Basil Bacon

    I’ve had back problems since I was a teenager. On a fishing trip, I spent a night in a camper and woke up with a terrible stiff neck. Dr. Jack salvaged the trip with a neck adjustment. Prevention is the best policy, so monthly visits are the way. I would continue patronizing him if he still lived in the town I live in. For me, he’s at the top of the list for the adjustments he gave me.

    - Don

    Last year at our Guntersville fishing tournament, I was in excruciating back pain that had been going on for several days. Knowing that Jack and Sherri were both chiropractors, I asked if they could check me out after the Friday night meeting and they said they would. After the meeting, I went to their room and they both spent about 30 minutes on me, and the next morning my back pain was almost gone.

    – Joey Wimberley

    I have been seeing Dr. Langston for several years now. Whether it be problems with my lower back or neck or I have a rib out of place, they always have the right technique and knowledge to take care of all my chiropractic needs. Thank you Langston Chiropractic.

    – B.H.

    I have been a patient since childhood and have experienced the most effective treatment for pain alleviation and maintenance at Dr. Langston's office.

    – Summer L.

    I have been a patient of Langston Chiropractic for over 30 years, and I can honestly say there is no better chiropractic care in the Tennessee Valley. I wholeheartedly recommend Langston Chiropractic to anyone.

    – Chad

    Dr. Jack Langston is my favorite chiropractor and I have probably seen over 30 or so. Great adjustments every time.

    – David

    Dr. Sherri is amazing. She took great care of me when I worked with her. And all the patients loved her.

    – B.W.

    For too long, I dealt with lower back pain, which sometimes also traveled down through my left leg. After a couple of visits to Dr. Sherri Langston, I was able to make it through my day pain-free! She listened to my concerns and took the time to explain my issues and treatment options. I highly recommend her to anyone.

    – S. Herr

    I suffer from terrible migraines and getting adjusted helps a lot. Sherri is fantastic at adjusting. She is a great chiropractor and loves her patients. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! I just love her.

    – L.

    Dr. Sherri treated me after a car accident; she was very caring. I ended up needing surgery on my neck. Dr. Sherri called me at the hospital the next day just to see how I was doing. I love Dr. Sherri and wish her nothing but the best of luck.

    – Anne

    I definitely recommend Dr. Sherri and Dr. Jack! They are AMAZING chiropractors who have a heart of gold for their patients! They help their patients by providing them with outstanding, experienced healthcare! Best adjustments I’ve ever had!

    – Stephany
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